For the record, I did not go to Seminary, nor am I an ordained preacher girl. I’m sure my tribe is cracking up by the mere notion but just to reiterate: I skipped the majority of my high school classes and then majored in having a wonderful time while partying my way through college.

I’m divorced and remarried. The best thing I’ve ever done is to raise five outstanding human beings and I have the body and wrinkles to prove it…and I don’t work very hard at all to fix any of that. I’m not driven and I don’t worry about things like I probably should. More often than not, I use unbecoming words as sentence enhancers and I enjoy a glass of celebratory Pinot most days of the week.

I’ve done things and made decisions that would probably make your hair curl like they did my moms. I am not by any stretch of the imagination a model Christian. I am a tattooed work in progress…but for a very long time, I was very ok with being good enough without regard to said progress work. I’m still working on that…

Now, I’m simply a daughter, wife, mother and grandmother on a quest to bring meaning to my purpose and the world around me. I have no special abilities above anyone else to think, study, reason, and openly speak about what I believe a deeper and higher understanding, but I’m understanding how to use my abilities more effectively. I’m in the process of understanding how to adapt to my environment. Sometimes, understanding doesn’t always connect with reason. I don’t think it is suppose to. I believe it’s the not always understanding that brings us to faith.

When I write, it’s simply an artistic expression in sharing from a place in-between the “I’ve experienced this to be true so I want to tell my friends” and the “I’m leaning in to learn from what I believe to be the highest source of wisdom”. I write to share personal findings of healing from my personal journey of discovery….which stem from devastating losses and the buttkicking hardships of a blended family marriage that the two of us were only enduring…until Jesus stepped in. I write to open the door of conversation between fellow explorers.

I make no bones about it; my healing and peace have been found because of and through Jesus. What I share about that is very much akin to me sharing a recipe I have found to be particularly delicious. If it doesn’t appeal to your taste buds, I hope you’ll just take a minute to read a different perspective. If it does, I hope you understand I’m not a gourmet chef, I’m just a person who enjoys the process of breaking through to meaningful truths that help to adequately describe the indescribable. Either way, stirring up hope is where my heart is centered.

On that note, a particular thought has become a reappearing theme. It’s notably shown up in scripture, different devos, and now in a conversation I just had with a girlfriend. I took that as motivation to dig a little deeper. By dig, I mean I dig picking apart words used in scripture, study their origin to then collectively assemble them in their context in an attempt to elevate a notion into solid truth.

The thought-to-truth I’m now dismantling revolves around how much we tend to unwittingly embrace complacency in our lives. We are ok with things being just ok. We are satisfied enough with the way things are going. At times, we tend to sit down in the “good enough” of our spirituality, our callings, our relationships, our involvements, even the lack of conflict we are experiencing, that in return enable us to just prop our feet up and settle in.

Sometimes we don’t feel compelled to examine a problem with being too comfortable because we don’t really feel like we have a problem, which is precisely the problem! Our obstacle is being cozy and content with the ok. We occasionally get too fulfilled and satisfied with the good enough.

“None of us is yet a grace graduate, but we’re satisfied. We all give evidence that we still need to grow, but we’re satisfied. And because we are satisfied, we are resistant to the grace that is our only hope. If you are able to convince yourself that you are healthy, even though there may be indicators that you are not, you are probably not going to the doctor asking for his diagnosis.” – P. Tripp

But here’s the thing: As Christians, we serve a dissatisfied Redeemer who isn’t ok with our ok-ness. Nah. He wants us to crave more than what’s good enough. He wants us to crave more, much in the same way a nursing baby craves it’s mother’s milk. In 1 Peter 2, he likens the craving of mother’s milk to the craving of the pure and spiritual milk of God’s word. The life offering and power sustaining word of God coming from His very breast, to nourish our inner beings. For this “milk” will cause you to grow into maturity, fully nourished and strong for life. (1 Pet. 2:2)

The passage goes on to say that God calls us His chosen treasures. The Hebrew word is segulla which means “a possession”. It’s used in 1 Pet 2:9 to describe “a guarded wealth” indicating placement of the king’s jewels, treasures, etc., in a protected place because of their extraordinary value. God says that each believer is royalty in His eyes. His special treasure of importance – a treasure above all treasures.

The Bible states we have been set apart; our individual purposes are protected under God’s lock and key. Our purposes aren’t found in the ok or good enough. They are powerful resources that are being held in the invisible realm of His kingdom. They are not easy gifts to understand but they are waiting for us to decided that where we truly are…. isn’t where we truly long to be. BUT, the good news is that God knows that. He knows what we need. He knows that we need the motivational work of His powerful grace. Isn’t it the greatest thing to know that out of His gracious dissatisfaction, He won’t leave us hangin’ out in our complacency?

He sits down with us, assuring us again of His love, drawing out from us, love for Him, love for others and love for ourselves. He fills us with excitement to keep pursuing the work He has chosen for us to do. He doesn’t sit up on His throne and say “eh….that’ll do, she’s exceptional enough”. He’s dissatisfied with our indifferences and in my experience, doesn’t always wait around on us to come to Him.

He gets us and our limited potential satisfactions therefore, He comes to us, eager for us to get back to growing and evolving into the supernatural gifts that only those with eyes of faith can see, much less learn how to use. Which explains why we are in lifelong training. It’s a living, breathing, and working process.

It’s the nature of His grace as our Redeemer, to be so uncomfortable with our places of passivity, that He starts stirring our hearts as a way to motivate us to get up and move. Nothing can stop the movement of His transforming grace. I think the portion to grasp is that our faith is not our hope; His dedicated and impassioned commotion of grace is the only source of hope for our sometimes stagnant and idle faith.

So I believe we should pay particular attention to the gentle commotions of dissatisfaction within our hearts, not being so quick to write them off as “being ok”. I think we should examine and confront the blatant complacency associated with our numbered days. Maybe we should even intentionally record the subtle opening and closing of doors, becoming watchful and awake to the clicks of the heavenly codes that have each of our names on them.

We are the keys He uses to swing open the door in revealing the marvelous light of His glorious wonders to the world. It’s one reason why so many of us call Him, Master. He’s the Master that holds every key to everything we are searching for, even if we don’t fully realize we are searching for something.

Do you tell yourself things are good enough? GOD’S agenda is change. Are you anticipating or working towards change or are you complacent in things remaining as is? Maybe, like me, your need is a soul reaching and spirit electrifiying change.

Friends, first of all, if you’ve made it this far, thank you for staying with me….I clearly do not have the gift of editing.

Secondly, and with much passion I say to you: you aren’t called to be a passive observer of the world, God calls you to be an influencer of it. His instructions are clear; to be the living expression of the culture of the Kingdom that is coming. It’s not up to you to save a soul because Jesus is life, but you do have the power of Jesus living inside of you and that power has the potential to influence redemption, regeneration and restoration. To execute that power requires us to get up off our comfortable couches of complacency and resolve to be instruments of His grace, restoration and development of all things good.

Wanna know what restores change and beauty to treasures like silver, ivory, leather….and most importantly, you?


It’s often alluded to in the Bible, as a symbol of pure, simple, and wholesome truth. The “pure spiritual milk” is the Lord himself dispensed to us in the Word of God.

Go on, get up and put your cup on the table. You are the overflow of His pouring out. There is no sense in crying over spilt milk. Why bemoan what has already been decided and will never be recalled? His kingdom came in His Son, it is now coming through His sons and daughters; THAT’S YOU!

Don’t wait until tomorrow because I can tell you from witnessing, tomorrow may never afford you the privilege. Live and ask from your position of privilege to abundantly exercise your inheritance for His purpose. Bless the world with the good and perfect gifts He has offered to YOU. (James 1:17)

To me, the only thing any of us should ever get comfortable with, is an uncomfortable resolve to be anything less than the continuous overflow of the beckoning cup He has already placed before each of us.

For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.

Romans 15:4 (via Billy)