Just wanted to humbly thank all of you that supported my feeble attempt at blogging in 2019. I still have no idea how to start a blog, how to successfully operate one, nor how to write one under 6000 words so thank you for hanging with me.

My main goal was to provide myself with a creative outlet to fill a spirit void when life demanded a sabbatical from my paint studio. Writing has taken me down a road of healing that I never imagined. Through writing, I have found peace that I would have never happened upon had I not been encouraged by those who have left sweet words of reassurance. Sharing my heart with you has brought an exciting adventure and loving warmth to my life and has very much become a road to recovery and truth for me.

It’s a daunting task to be transparent in a world of judgement but I have tried my best to just be brave with my everyday. I’ve had critics I never imagined but I’ve also experienced support from people I never imagined and have loved every conversation we have started because of your vested interest in my heart. THAT is what I’m utterly humbled by.

I can only hope THE hope I have tried my best to express, has in someway inspired someone to contemplate a different perspective…maybe even contemplate the love of Christ. I sincerely appreciate those who have taken the time to read, like and even share with someone else. I take that as a sign of love and for that, I love you right back and I am so very thankful to you.

Last New Years Day I stumbled across the following writing and kept it close to my heart all year long. I share it here in gratitude for your encouraging me to fall deeply in love despite my reluctance, and with hope that on this New Years Day…

“I hope you all fall madly in love this year…in love with someone who unhinges your tired trajectory, in love with a spouse of several years who might be aching for lightening, in love with demanding children and crazy relatives, in love with the particular pedigree of genius insanity that has perhaps claimed you in spite of your reluctance, and certainly in love with an animal, a cloud, a redwood, the wild…these at least once a day. May you fall in love with this fragile jewel of a world, with hard work, real learning, just causes, petitioning and prayers. May you fall in love with wonder itself, with the grand mystery, with all that feeds you in order that you may live…and with the responsibility that that confers. May you fall in love with heartbreak and seeing how it’s stitched into everything. May you fall in love with the natural order of things and with tears, tenderness and humility. May this be a magnificent year for you. May you fall deeply, madly, hopelessly, inextinguishably in love.” – Rachel Lamb

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