Find me regarding You

with each falling leaf;

even in the lake’s clever fish.

Find me anticipating Your unique goodness

in faith, not merely a wish.

Find me considering

Your glory all around;

encompassing my everyday life.

Find me acknowledging Your presence;

no longer searching in strife.

Find me conversing with You

as with a cherished lover,

clinging face to face.

Find me conforming to You,

passionately stirred by Your grace.

Find me provoked

by the dreams You have shaped

and called down over my days.

Find me moved

to inhabit Your righteous ways.

Find me reliant

on every ardent promise

You’ve spoken.

Find me fearless in compassion;

vulnerable for the lost and broken.

Find me declaring Your hope

to those who cross my path

awaiting to hear.

Find me wildly challenged,

for it’s Your wisdom I revere.

Find me audaciously praying

on my knees

calling out for others.

Find me listening for Your voice

as a new baby for it’s mother.

Find me singing

with arms in unabashed reverence,

the words from my heart.

Find me humbled by the mystery

of You never being off guard.

Find me entirely amazed

by Your unending mercy

and delight.

Find me fully awaken

to your peace-loving light.

Find me stubbornly standing

like Moses,

designed to part the sea.

Find me ever vigilant

as Your faithful trustee.

Find me watchfully expectant

for You every single day.

It’s my only impatient need.

Find me utterly starving;

on Your word, I crave to feed.

Find me devoted to stretching

in this new year

ripe with a wealth of rebirth.

Find me unwaveringly obedient

to be Your hands and feet on earth.

Find me endlessly grateful

for Your eternal finished gift:

A life so generously animated by Love.

Forever find me overwhelmed

by praise, You alone are worthy of.

Find me seeking

Find me, finding You.